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Who’s Done The Best Job at Open Government?

For all you GovLoop Tweeters out there, we are asking the question, “Who is an exceptional example of Open Government?”, for tomorrow’s State of the Union for Technology forum, hosted by The Atlantic and featuring a keynote by CTO Aneesh Chopra (more info here.) Use hashtag #soutech, and if you are planning on attending, weRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: Washington State’s GMAP

“Bottom Line: No state in the nation is better at developing and sharing information than Washington.” – Governing Magazine, “Grading the States,” 2008 As government at every level is releasing raw datasets as part of the Open Government Initiative, one of the key questions being asked is, “So what do we do with all thisRead… Read more »

What is the Crowdsourcing recipe for success?

While our livelihood at PubliVate revolves around crowdsourcing (or ideation, innovation management, idea sourcing, idea collection…would be good to land on a common title…part of the growing up process, I suppose), it has been fascinating over the last few years to watch the area evolve. A central focus for us from our earliest days hasRead… Read more »

Sustainable Open Government

The cry for open government is rising and elected officials are delivering. But in the zeal to throw open the doors to the records vault, no one bothered to fully understand the impact except for those of us who actually work for government. But no one wants to hear from us. Politicians only care aboutRead… Read more »

Public Records…Tools to Archive Twitter and Facebook

I have been a social media/networking advocate for the past year. I have really enjoyed seeing all the ways government has opened up and embraced using social M/N tools to enhance their communications with their constituents. However, many governments are still in the beginning stages of figuring out how to use the tools, create aRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: White House release open government plans

Federal agencies have four months to become more open, transparent and cooperative with the public’s requests for information, according to new orders issued Tuesday by the White House. The changes deliver a big victory to open government groups have long sought to transform how the government presents and shares information with the general public. OutlinedRead… Read more »

Open Gov Directive Hits the Streets (in an oh so ironic way)

So the White House released the long-awaited Open Government Directive this morning, appropriately accompanied by a live videostream at both the White House site and on FaceBook with Federal CTO Aneesh Chopra, Federal CIO Vivek Kundra and new media director Macon Phillips. With only time for a quick glance through the directive (it wasn’t madeRead… Read more »

Fast records management (#ERM) facts from new AIIM survey

The new AIIM Records Management Industry Watch survey is now available. The survey can be downloaded at THIS LINK. The survey results are free, but you must register first. Overall, our findings show that in most organizations, electronic records are still taken less seriously than paper records. Responsibility for applying good records management practice toRead… Read more »

Records Keeping in a Web 2.0 World

Time was when a lot of government agencies, including a few I worked for, kept their records in the equivalent of an old shoebox containing a few old spiralbound notebooks left in the care of that secretary, whats-her-name, who retired four years ago… Yeah. With the advent of e-mail a few decades ago records keepingRead… Read more »

Final Phase of Open Government Initiative (Help Draft Policy Recommendations – Deadline June 28)

Please participate in the White House’s final phase…They are looking for your insights…More below ————————– Today the Drafting Phase (Phase III) of the Open Government public consultation process begins at (click on Participate). This Drafting Phase invites you to collaborate on creating recommendations for open government policy using a web-based wiki tool. You areRead… Read more »