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Chamber of Commerce Among Groups Seeking Role in Trans-Pacific Trade Talks

The latest round of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement has attracted lobbyists from multinational corporations and trade groups looking to shape the pact’s language, The Washington Post reported Monday. Catherine Ho writes at least 185 enterprises and industry coalitions have lobbied on the agreement, which seeks to ease trade barriers and open marketRead… Read more »

Getting Everyone On Board the Compliance Train!

This is an Unclaimed Property FAQ written by Unclaimed Property Unit Manager Mary Celentani on our blog, One of the Treasurer’s responsibilities is to ensure that all Wisconsin businesses are in compliance with the unclaimed property law and reporting requirements. Unfortunately, many corporate entities and sole proprietors are not aware of the reporting requirementsRead… Read more »

Encouraging unique (and non-partisan) government innovation in arts and culture

When people talk about government innovation the discussion tends to revolve around new projects, new buildings and new technologies that the public sector either should be creating or should be directly investing in. But one of the most potentially breakthrough innovations that our government could do to be a Gov 2.0 leader in arts andRead… Read more »

How do we harvest the most utility from our intellectual capital?

I try to understand things from the perspective of an alien scientist studying our planet. It just seems so bizarrely ironic that our greatest fear seems to be exploitation from someone else and how it shapes everything about us. It’s obvious why this is the case–we’re best described as creatures designed to outwit and exploitRead… Read more »

Mortgage Securitization – explained and how it factored in the financial crisis Thanks to Ezra Klein’s blog on for the link – the paper is a great read (once you get past the economics) to understand exactly the mortgage back securites (MBS) market fell apart – essentially it was due to (1) bad assumptions of defalut rates, (2) poor ratings of each MBS pool byRead… Read more »