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Agencies Developing More Comprehensive Mobile Strategies and Policies

Monica Mayk Parham, Marketing Director, Market Connections, Inc. The rise of mobile technology in the government sector has allowed government employees to be more nimble and effective. Though with increased mobility comes greater challenges for those in charge of implementing mobile applications, such as Roger Baker, CIO at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). TheRead… Read more »

Getting Everyone On Board the Compliance Train!

This is an Unclaimed Property FAQ written by Unclaimed Property Unit Manager Mary Celentani on our blog, One of the Treasurer’s responsibilities is to ensure that all Wisconsin businesses are in compliance with the unclaimed property law and reporting requirements. Unfortunately, many corporate entities and sole proprietors are not aware of the reporting requirementsRead… Read more »

Giving Back to Wisconsin Veterans and Seniors

To read this blog and more, visit our blog at The Wisconsin State Treasury and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) are teaming up to help veterans claim money they may have lost or forgotten. The agreement between myself and WDVA Secretary John Scocos permits the Unclaimed Property Unit in the State TreasuryRead… Read more »

“Cash for Clunkers” Doesn’t Have to Be a Lemon

Over the weekend my father-in-law decided to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program and went car shopping. Unfortunately the Dodge dealer he went to in his home town of Paris, Illinois informed him that they had put the program on hold. Apparently they had sold five cars and had yet to be paidRead… Read more »