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11 Groups That Will Improve Your Storytelling Skills

Good leaders are always storytellers. People who knew Abraham Lincoln admired his storytelling skills from the days of his youth. Even if you’re new to public speaking, you too can develop your own storytelling ability. I’ve already written about the 10 Essential Elements of a Successful Story and about the 108 Most Persuasive Words inRead… Read more »

A Storyteller’s Creative Process

I’m the Digital Storyteller for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It’s a new position that I’m happy to say I’m really enjoying. I’ve gotten to learn so much about digital platforms, content, and subjects within the Agency. Back in January and February, I wrote and published a series on our blog about Community EmergencyRead… Read more »

Tell Me a Story…

After the relief of receiving her high school diploma in 1967, Carmi’s next thought was, “Now what?” Her friend said, “College,” so Carmi did that and four years later, with degree in hand, she thought, “Now what?” And then, “Work.” So, she did that, not knowing that every few years, when she sensed an invisibleRead… Read more »