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Storytelling in Government….

Lessons from Alan Silberberg’s presentation on “Storytelling” Tell your story-simple -quickly -know your audience How to get to Yes -Don’t take no for an answer -Tell the story so you get buy in -Use examples from outside your group -Tie to real world examples/case studies So much information – choose the data points that supportRead… Read more »

A Passion Project to Renew Our Enthusiasm – your vote needed

I’m hoping that my fellow GovLoopers can help a Govie out. I need your help to spread the awesome! I could use your vote – especially if you live in DC – for a side project I submitted to the GOOD Maker 30 day Challenge – a DC Passion Project. Voting closes this Thursday andRead… Read more »

I Got Furlough Fever, and the Only Prescription is….

More cowbell !! No, not really. Look, there’s a lot of emotion in the Federal employee community right now. We want to protest (WP: Fed workers protest shutdown). We have a million questions (GovLoop: Ask About the Shutdown). We want to get practical (GovLoop: Preshutdown Top 10 ToDo List).  We’re thinking ahead (GovLoop: WhatRead… Read more »

How my Grandpa Stories Began

Meyer Moldeven (Greatgrandpa Mike) Here’s a true ‘grandpa’ anecdote that I wrote for my peers and added to my self-published collection several decades ago. It was well-received at the time and might still be considered appropriate among the elders that ‘are’ and ‘to be.’ During an exchange of reminiscences at a senior citizens group aRead… Read more »

Great-grandpa stories, stuff and such for all ages

I posted the last update to my ‘grandpa’ — now ‘great-grandpa’– stories in July, 2009. The first, an all-thumbs illustrated paper edition, was in 1987, the second in 1992, also paper, unillustrated, followed by the Gutenberg Archive Edition in 2000 at and now the last, ‘Grandma! Grandpa! You’re Too Far Away!’ a copy freelyRead… Read more »