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How to Make an Impact in the Lives of Your Coworkers

This holiday season, the season of giving, as you’re looking for ways to change someone’s life or improve their circumstances, consider donating some of your leave to someone in need. You can’t begin to understand the impact you might have on someone’s life.

Strategic Federal Human Capital Management – Security

With security threats facing virtually every federal institution, the vulnerability of federal agencies is top of mind of our federal government leaders. The threats are exacerbated due to the fact that many government agencies use older, legacy systems that were not designed to resist today’s threats. These systems not only increase vulnerability to computer attacks,… Read more »

Strategic Federal Human Capital Management – Employee Engagement

Acendre’s blueprint for improving federal employee engagement utilizes data and people analytics to augment the “people interaction” piece of employee engagement. People analytics allows agencies to glean the information that spots trends, identifies opportunities and calls out problem areas for correction. A key area of focus and expertise for Acendre is business intelligence and analytics… Read more »

Strategic Federal Human Capital Management – Talent Acquisition

ederal Chief Human Capital Officers and their teams recognize the need for a more strategic view and plan to address human capital management requirements and drive increased strategic value. As they collaborate on the best ideas to achieve this, there are also more tactical initiatives that can be undertaken in the near-term that will ultimately… Read more »

How to Build a Better Agency

In the early 2000s, the manager of the Oakland Athletics began using players’ performance data to build a better baseball team. Chris Curry, Director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues at the GAO, believes that the government should do the same. His GAO report, titled “Federal Emergency Management Agency: Additional Planning and Data Collection CouldRead… Read more »