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Strategic Federal Human Capital Management – Employee Engagement

Acendre’s blueprint for improving federal employee engagement utilizes data and people analytics to augment the “people interaction” piece of employee engagement. People analytics allows agencies to glean the information that spots trends, identifies opportunities and calls out problem areas for correction. A key area of focus and expertise for Acendre is business intelligence and analytics… Read more »

Daily Dose: How Would You Promote Diversity and Inclusion At Work?

Could your agency be doing a better job fostering diversity during the hiring process? Or maybe your agency does a good job recruiting diverse candidates but struggles with retention or employee development. While there are already structures in place to promote fair hiring, the White House wants the Federal workforce to become “a model ofRead… Read more »

Why Do Employees Want to Quit?

There might be some good reasons to retain (or attempt to retain) employees after they’ve announced they want to leave their jobs. I guess it all depends on what motivated employees’ to declare their intentions in the first place. Find out the reasons why employees quit is a good way to figure out the collectiveRead… Read more »