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Extreme Makeover: IT Department Edition?

How does your IT department look from an outside perspective, maybe even your CIO’s perspective? Check out this insightful post from Centurylink’s own Blake Wetzel. It really asks the big questions that all of us should be exploring! Originally posted in the ThinkGig Blog. We’ve all had those moments: A time when we take aRead… Read more »

Aetna Goes Mobile!

Aetna is now with you wherever you go. All you need is your phone! Say you are on the road and need a doctor, or maybe you find out you need a specialist while at the doctor’s office. With a couple of taps of the finger, an in-network provider is found, and you can call,Read… Read more »

Social Media In Government: Which Tools Should I Use?

The criticism that social media in the workplace is merely a distraction to employees and a waste of billable time is becoming a thing of the past. The evolution of social media’s presence in the public sector is changing the way that government organizations connect with citizens and improving the way in which employees doRead… Read more »

What does 7 Billion People Look Like?

By the end of 2011, it is projected that the Earth’s population will pass 7 billion! Have you ever wondered what that looks like? Esri has created maps to explore just this. These interactive maps answer each of the following questions: Where do People Live? How Rapidly is Population Growing? How Long are People Living?Read… Read more »

A New Strategy for Cyber Challenges. How Will Things Change?

With new OMB directives to change the way the federal government deals with cyber security, many leaders are being challenged to manage risks and function in fundamentally different ways. What are the challenges that exist and that will exist in the future? How can new approaches help aid risk management of cyber security? How farRead… Read more »

How NASA Lives on Through Social Media

Just read this really interesting post from the Deloitte Perspectives Blog and thought I’d share. It’s so great to see NASA embrace social media like it has. How is NASA reaching out to the public? Read more below! The shuttle may be grounded, but NASA’s relevance lives on. On Thursday 21 July the space shuttleRead… Read more »

How Your Military Skills Can Get you Hired!

Transitioning from the military to a civilian career? Ever wonder how the skills you’ve gained through military service can translate into a civilian job? GEICO’s got you covered. Not only does GEICO have a whole hub specifically designed to help military servicemen and women adjust back to civilian career life, but it provides a “MilitaryRead… Read more »

CenturyLink Takes Highline to New Heights

The Highline Public school District serves approximately 17,500 students across Washington State. There are 38 Highline campuses, including multiple elementary, middle, and high schools in addition to operational locations. With the amount of students to educate and an increase in the desire for new feature-rich media applications, the school system was facing a major challenge.Read… Read more »

Esri Video Series: GIS Helps Feed the Hungry in a SNAP!

Our final video in the Esri video series features Jonathan Benett, Program Manager for USDA Food and Nutrition. <br/> Video Notes: Jonathan Benett describes the USDA FNS Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as well as the SNAP Retail Locator, how SNAP uses GIS to better serve its users and the unintended beneficiaries of SNAP RetailRead… Read more »

There’s a New Model in Town

Times are changing, and there’s a new federal workforce model in town. Check out Deloitte’s GovLab which provides new research and perspective around the Future of the Federal Workforce. See how the cloud workforce model can work for government. Be sure to visit GovLab for more information! ————————- Deloitte’s Global Public Sector plays an importantRead… Read more »