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What do You, Government, and GIS Have in Common?

In Washington, we see our fair share of conferences on a variety of topics. Sometimes we learn a ton, and others, we feel completely lost. I love attending conferences that are full of learning and innovation, but also relevant to me and what I do on a daily basis. Have your heard about Geographic InformationRead… Read more »

GovLoop Training: How GIS Can Improve Citizen Engagement

On Tuesday, (12/6), GovLoop and Esri hosted a training webinar on “How GIS Can Improve Citizen Engagement.” During the training we discussed how geographic information systems (GIS) can be used as platforms for Government 2.0. Throughout the training we explored specific examples of how this technology can increase citizen engagement. Below please find key resourcesRead… Read more »

What About Employee Engagement?

In the current state of budgets cuts and increasing demands for high-quality services, productivity has become a crucial element of organizational success. How will agencies meet the demands of the current fiscal environment while sustaining the level of performance necessary to enable mission effectiveness? We’ve heard about citizen engagement and how effective it can beRead… Read more »

Work is what you do, not where you go.

Gone are the days when inclement weather and traffic kept hard working government workers from being productive. It’s no longer about where you work, but what you do. Microsoft recently conducted a survey that asked government workers to give their insight into the world of telework. Well, the results are in and I am fascinatedRead… Read more »

Understanding Open Season in Government: How Will You be Paying for This?

It’s officially Open Season for Federal Employees and we are here to help! As we continue our Understanding Open Season in Government series, let’s talk money: How Will You Be Paying For This? Out of Pocket: These are medical costs that you must pay out of your own pocket including deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. Deductible:Read… Read more »