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3 Municipal Broadband Success Stories

Over the course of 10 years, Seattle has studied the possibility of creating a municipal-run broadband network seven times, most recently this year. Although it was determined in June that the cost would be lower than expected (somewhere in the range of $463 million to $630 million), city officials again rejected the idea, citing barriersRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Municipal Wireless Networks: Next Stop Chicago?

What would it take for a city to be able to call itself “one of the most livable” in America? Some qualifications that come to mind include: quality transportation infrastructure, affordable housing and utility options, schools that prepare children for bright futures, clean open spaces for enjoying the natural world, zero crime, friendly neighbors… theRead… Read more »

GovBytes: First Responders Using Wi-Fi to Save Seconds and Lives

According to an article over at GovTech, an Emergency Medical Services Division in Rowan, N.C., has equipped all of its ambulances with Wi-Fi platforms that transmit valuable information to doctors before arriving at the hospital.The information sends vital signs, heart rhythms (to detect for potential heart attack), and brings up patient medical history. “Also insideRead… Read more »

CB2: Don’t Let Firesheep Be Your WikiLeak

Think twice before joining an unsecured wireless network. It just became ridiculously easy to hijack confidential information from your agency and co-workers. If I was on the same open WiFi network as you – sitting outside your home, at your office (if you still didn’t put a password on your router), a Starbucks, an airport,Read… Read more »

Congress Goes Wireless

By J. Nicholas Hoover InformationWeek December 16, 2009 04:33 PM The House of Representatives is finally about to get with the times and will soon install a Wi-Fi network, it announced late last week. The roll-out will take place over as long as three years, according to a statement of work posted on the WebRead… Read more »

Help thy neighbor on the road..tell him when there is free wifi signals around

This one is for all the transport nerds and the War chalking/war driving geeks. Article courtesy of Here’s a neat Instructable for significantly increasing the geek factor in your car’s rear windshield, showing how to modify a Wi-Fi-detecting t-shirt into a Wi-Fi-detecting bumper sticker. At some point in some traffic jam, you’ll makeRead… Read more »