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Handling the Current Salary Question

What is your current salary? It’s the dreaded question of every job offer and salary negotiation. Many recruiters use this number as an anchor for salary negotiations, rather than the market value for the position you’re seeking to fill. But if you’re looking to make more money in your new role (and really, who isn’t?),Read… Read more »

Esther Aguilera: Empowering Women and Minorities

Pursuing a career as both a woman and a minority is no easy task. However, Esther Aguilera, President and CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, has never shied away from a challenge. In fact, challenges have been the propelling force in her long career across the public and private sector. Now, Aguilera uses lessonsRead… Read more »

Who Should Be on the $10 Bill?

2020 will mark 100 years of women’s suffrage. To honor that milestone in women’s rights, the Obama administration recently announced that it will replace Alexander Hamilton’s image on the $10 bill with that of a famous American woman. However, that woman has not been chosen yet. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will ultimately make the decision but notRead… Read more »

Paid Parental Leave: Gov vs. Private Sector

Is it better for women in the private sector? That was the question posed by a young govie to GovLoop’s CEO Steve Ressler at a recent event. It’s a simple question, but unfortunately the answer is not so straightforward. First, comparing the private sector to the entire public sector is like comparing 12 kinds ofRead… Read more »