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Open Government Australia – Betrayal and Corruption

In May 2010 Nicholas Gruen of the Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce published The last post: now for the main event – you! In July 2010 Lindsay Tanner issued the Declaration of Open Government. In many ways Australia was leading the way. We all knew hard work lay ahead, but the outlook was rosy. Open data,Read… Read more »

Government 2.0…it can be a reality

Australian public policy blog, Unleashed, has published a piece by me entitled Government 2.0…it can be a reality on what it would take to transform government to really get Government 2.0 right. At around 800 words, it doesn’t go deep. It’s just the first of several pieces I intend writing on this theme. I’d beRead… Read more »

The prosaic politics of the tweet

View original post at the acidlabs blog. Bernard Keane has an especially interesting piece in Crikey entitled Twitter and the prosaic reality of Digital Democracy (registration required). It’s an insightful look at the emergence of Australian politicians into the world of social media and just how well (or not) they are doing. Of particular noteRead… Read more »