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We interrupt this holiday…

I’ve been having a fabulous time on my hols in America – and I am thankful to the happy couple for giving me an extra day off. I’ve mostly been hanging out in my hometown. It’s in Lawrence County, Tennessee and sits right on top of the Alabama border. I don’t know if you’ve seen… Read more »

Everyone’s on Facebook, Why Aren’t They on the Intranet Too?

Thanks to all who came to my presentation at the ACMP 2011 conference – as promised you can find my entire presentation here! In the fall I wrote a guest post entitled, “But I Don’t WANNA Change” about using change management techniques to encourage the adoption of social media within organizations. Over the past six… Read more »

Free PMP Exam Sample Question

The following PMP® exam sample question is taken from – The answer is at the very bottom: —————————— During which phase of the project would you suggest the integrated change control process? A) Throughout the project B) Initiation C) Closure D) Intermediate —————————— All our questions are updated to the latest PMBOK® Guide standard…. Read more »

Enhancing GIS with Augmented Reality

The other day at work we visited with our police records office to learn more about their reporting software. One of the issues that came up in our discussion was inputting the “address” of incidents. The software they use relies on either point addresses or address ranges along a centerline – both common methods of… Read more »

Making vPro Work For You

Image via Wikipedia vPro is a suite of high-impact technology that has just begun to make its presence known in mainstream IT organizations. vPro can help you bring your organization’s security structure into shape with features that make a dramatic positive difference. vPro technologies are implemented in the hardware and firmware of the Intel chipset… Read more »

10 Fears Creative People Share – And How To Overcome Them

Myth: The world is divided into “creatives” and “non-creatives.” Fact: Everybody, everybody, everybody is creative in some form or fashion. Has nothing whatsoever to do with art. Deep down inside a person is a talent that at its core is not just mechanical repetition of what has gone before. But one generates a new kind… Read more »

Model Train and Car Auction in Sydney this Weekend

Passing the Annandale community centre, in Sydney’s inner-west, this morning I noticed a van from “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” outside (who bill themselves as the best antique toy store in the world). They are having an auction of several hundred model trains and die cast cars this weekend. Some items which got my attention were… Read more »

Oyez Oyez: New Online Platform for Municipal Laws and Documents

Lexum, the Canadian legal technology firm and creator and publisher of CanLII, has introduced a new online service — Oyez Oyez — providing full text access to Canadian municipal laws (including by-laws, ordinances, and regulations), proceedings of council meetings, and other municipal government documents. Oyez Oyez is also available as an online publishing platform for… Read more »