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Nearly a year ago, the federal government relaeased its Digital Government: Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People report. In that document, government officials set progressive and aggressive deadlines to keep digital government moving in a more citizen-centric direction. Those deadlines should come to fruition on May 23, 2013. As theRead… Read more »

The Future of Mobile E-Gov

There is a huge opportunity in EGov with Mobile. We all use it…the numbers prove that. With all the recent consolidation efforts on the web, mobile has come to the forefront and federal technologists and communication experts are hard at work delivering new apps and sites for citizens to consume information quickly and easily;Read… Read more »

Citizen Satisfaction Remains Near All-Time High

We’ve been measuring satisfaction with federal websites since early 2002 and reporting it publicly every quarter since late 2003. That’s 27 consecutive reports, and believe me, the people here who analyze the data and put together those 27 reports would probably say it feels like 100. But the point is that while overall citizen satisfactionRead… Read more »

Greater Transparency in Government link to Citizen Trust

Today we released our inaugural E-Government Transparency Index. You can download the report for free on our website and read about it on NextGov. For years we have measured satisfaction of government web sites using the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) methodolgy which has been the “Gold Standard” in the federal government since the lateRead… Read more »