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Agile Implementation: Tools Can Get You There

The Agile methodology has made an undeniable impact on the software development industry. With well-documented results, companies and professionals able to embrace Agile soon find themselves progressing far beyond what traditional (waterfall) methods were previously capable of delivering. The question then becomes not whether Agile should be adapted, but rather how to best adapt it.Read… Read more »

The Two-P Syndrome*

When it comes to fixing things around the house, I range between Unconscious and Conscious Incompetence depending on the task, (or the prior evening’s indulgences). Recently, while standing in the checkout line of my local Home Depot, (for the second time that day), I looked at the guy behind me and said “What is itRead… Read more »

The Death of SDLC

The basic methodology used to implement many systems today still follows the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which was developed to aide technical development of computer code. Organizations today recognize that SDLC does not adequately address the organizational and human performance challenges that are critical to ensuring IT success. It is time to move beyondRead… Read more »

Turf Wars and Accessibility

We all have experienced varying degrees of the “turf war” that exists when asked the question “where in your agency is Web managed?” The one thing it seems like no one wants to fight over is accessibility and compliance. So, I pose this question: Where in your agency is accessibility managed? Regardless of the levelRead… Read more »