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There’s a descriptive term which could result in more accurate communications: fixin’. You are fixin’ when you are not yet doing, are not yet planning to do, are not yet getting ready to do…you are almost ready to get ready to do something. A classic example is when a family gathering is winding down. DepartingRead… Read more »

The Phone and Work

Back in the old days – the receptionist would tell a visitor: Oh, he’s not busy – he’s on the phone! ‘Doing business’ then was meeting with others, writing correspondence, or compiling proposals and reports. Early on, the phone was more novelty than tool – it was seen by many as personal entertainment with aRead… Read more »

Getting the News

The New America Foundation hosted Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen to speak about the New Digital Age, sharing their views about the growing effect of the internet on individuals, nations, and the global community. One interesting topic was a forward look at where we will get news in the future. When I was growing up,Read… Read more »

It’s All About the People

With the evolving efficiency of technology… With the reliance on email… With buying from submitted offers and proposals… With the voicemail ‘barrier’ to talking directly… It is easy to lose sight of: It’s the people, not the paper. A face-to-face visit beats a pile of paper to get the right result.

Brainstorming or A Scavenger Hunt

Michael Starobin – 1AU Global Media, LLC gave a brilliant presentation about creativity in leadership at the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland recently. One question he asked: ‘brainstorming’ – is this a creative exercise? And offered an observation: “it stinks.” WOW! This is popular exercise for organizations – business and otherwise – all you need isRead… Read more »

Activities or Analytics?

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Like a mantra, it’s chanted over and over – but you must be measuring the right IT or you are just burning time. For an artist, which is more important – the tack hammer or the paint brush? The brush is used to create the masterpiece;Read… Read more »

Leadership and Empathy

George Mason University and Arlington Economic Development presented a panel discussion on Empathy in Business. It focused on empathy as an asset and whether this is an element of what makes a leader great. The panel composition: Jonathan Aberman, of Amplifier Ventures as moderator; Carly Florina, former CEO of HP; Dr. Angel Cabrera, president ofRead… Read more »

The Five Keys A Facilitator Brings

Solutions come from discussions. Strategic solutions develop from structured discussions. For strategic planning, a facilitator is like the conductor of an orchestra – does not write the music or play the instruments, but does bring it all together for the desired result. The facilitator is an asset to a critical planning session bringing their experienceRead… Read more »

Innovation – A Precious Asset

The Smith School of Business just held it’s Annual Business Summit, a forum about the pressing topics of the time. A thread throughout the sessions was the hodge-podge innovative change, rigorous adherence to the ‘traditional’ ways, rapid technological change, shifting global market advantage, and irrational attempts to maintain existing market conditions. This yields an unstableRead… Read more »