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Recap Vancouver: Police, Citizens, Social Media, Privacy, and Safety

This post was co-written by GovLoop’s own Joseph Porcelli and Lauri Stevens. You’ve likely seen the pictures and videos from Vancouver: the looting, the beatings, the couple kissing. And how can we forget the videos of the few courageous citizens who, in the midst of the violence and chaos, stood up for their community? AfterRead… Read more »

What are our national values?

Today at 11 am, I stopped working for a few minutes to participate in the Moment of Silence for the victims in Tucson Arizona. As I paused, I thought about the millions of people around our nation who were also participating. I got the chills. I wondered who the other people were, where they lived,Read… Read more »

Live Streaming: CBP’s 5 Lessons Learned

Hey GovLoop, On Tuesday, September 7, we, CBP Public Affairs (where I’m a contractor), produced our first successful USTREAM live stream of Commissioner Alan Bersin’s speech from the Global Supply Chain Security Summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We broadcasted this live stream on You can watch and archive of his speech here.Read… Read more »

UPDATED (11.1.2010) Draft Framework for Action, input please

I’m putting a “Framework for Action” together to serve as a guideline in support of activating and empowering communities to take action. I’ve posted this framework here on GovLoop because I’d appreciate your help to help make it as strong as possible. The inspiration for putting this together came from my being sick and tiredRead… Read more »

Vote to help fund new online social infrastructure for neighborhoods!

Dear Govies, Imagine if your neighborhood and every neighborhood in America had a network like this that connected the people who live work and serve (Like Program Coordinators and Police Officers) in the neighborhood and made it possible to communicate and collaborate to improve quality of life and solve problems. What if you could makeRead… Read more »

Overview of blog posts about ServiceNation

Hey Govloopers, I recent was appointed the Director of Online Operations and Partnerships for Be the Change, Inc. Enjoy this summary of blog posts from the ServiceNation Summit and Forum. Here are some highlights of blog posts of the ServiceNation Presidential Candidates Forum on Service and well as the Service Nation Forum. Bloggers at theRead… Read more »