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What My Dog Jenny Wants You To Know On Veterans Day

Meet Jenny, she is a 12 and-a-half year old arthritic Samoyed German Shepard abominable snow dog. She is a sweet old soul and enjoys being pulled around Washington DC in her wagon. Like me, Jenny is into social media, she’s also on twitter. A couple weeks ago, our friend Karima suggested to me that JennyRead… Read more »

Archived Episode 1 of #Hi5Gov Featuring

Today I interviewed Karen Trebon, Deputy Program Manager and Tammi Marcoullier, Program Manager from on the inaugural episode of #Hi5Gov featuring and the amazing impacts is making for agencies and the public across America. Follow Tammi – @TammiM Follow Karen – @KarenTrebonGovt Follow Joseph – @JosephPorcelli Want to be a guest onRead… Read more »

500,000 Downloads Since June: The National Science Foundation’s Science360 for iPad App

I just met Paul David Flagg from the National Science Foundation where we are both presenting at the NOAA Communications Cafe for their executive team in Annapolis. I noticed he had some amazing pictures on his iPad and asked what they were. He said I was looking the National Science Foundation’s Science360 iPad App –Read… Read more »

Can we use the internet to get off the internet — and grow local communities?

The answer is astoundingly YES! This morning I was greeted by a powerful email from my friend Scott Heiferman, the Co-Founder & CEO of Meetup that he sent out to all members of Meetup. In his email he tells the story of how Meetup was born as a result of 9/11 to see if theyRead… Read more »