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Survey Reveals 97% of Executives Place High Value on Becoming a Socially Enabled Enterprise

Contrary to popular belief, teenagers are not the only ones posting pictures and content on social media platforms. Federal, state, and local government agencies have been implementing commercially provided media technologies to promote their services and support their missions. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) highlighted several distinct methods that 23 of 24 major agenciesRead… Read more »

Government Saves Time, Money, and Resources with Improved Help Desk Software

The city of San Mateo, California is witnessing booming growth in both its population and infrastructure development. Since the year 2008, San Mateo has experienced an 8% increase in population, and home sales have jumped a staggering 28%. Consequently, the municipal government of San Mateo is faced with the enormous task of managing and overseeingRead… Read more »

Maximize Your Online Community to Increase Citizen Engagement

The notion of e-governance has become prominent in recent years. Agencies around the world are now implementing technology into how they function and deliver services to citizens. Their objective: to distribute information more effectively, universally, and clearly to people. While the Internet undoubtedly fostered the evolution of e-governance, a new development has emerged that canRead… Read more »