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Do we still need Training Conferences?

Yes! I just returned from the Association of Government Accountant’s (AGA) annual Professional Development Conference (PDC). With all the scrutiny on conference spending, I thought it would be interesting to go through a quick run down of what’s new and what’s changed since the last AGA PDC in order to help address the question ofRead… Read more »

Bring Back The President’s Management Agenda

The Obama Administration should consider implementing a President’s Management Agenda (PMA) in its second term. The PMA structure used during the Bush administration clearly articulated management goals in areas such as financial accountability, human resources, competitive sourcing, e.government, and budget and performance integration. The PMA scorecard provided transparency with respect to status and results andRead… Read more »

Look For Singles, Not Home Runs.

Finance managers across government are looking at ways to reduce the cost of Finance and government operations in response to flat or reduced budgets for the foreseeable future. The initial rounds of budget cuts are being achieved though quick, short-term actions, e.g., reduced travel, training, and contracted services. What I see less of are longerRead… Read more »

How Mature is your Finance Organization?

How Mature is your Finance Organization? By Steve Watson, CPA, CGFM IBM Public Sector Financial Management In 2005, I published a whitepaper upon the 15th Anniversary of the CFO Act entitled Federal Financial Management, The End of the Beginning ( In that paper, I included a Financial Management Maturity Model reproduced in the table below.Read… Read more »