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Gov 2.0 and Social Media Resources

In preparation for several upcoming speaking engagements, I’ve been poring through older blogs posts and materials from the past couple of years. In the process, I’ve created several new tabs on my personal Gov 2.0 blog, “Wired to Share.” I hope they are helpful to others, and that if I’ve missed your Gov 2.0 blogRead… Read more »

An Avatar Picture Worth 1,000 Friends

Do default avatar pictures bother you, or you still shrinking back from showing the world your pearly whites or using an agency logo on a consumer-oriented social media site? It’s often surprising how many new social media users fail to update their generic avatars when starting out. And failing to do so is likely toRead… Read more »

Fall Speaking Schedule – From NAGW to Beyond 2010

My fall schedule is quite busy, and I’m looking forward to meet many of my social media friends at several upcoming speaking engagements. So you’ll know where to find me: Citizen 2.0 Workshop – Sunday, Sept. 19, 2-4 p.m., Fairfield, CA – I’ll be leading a session on social media for progressive activists and campaignRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Is Not Cool Tech

I’m generally fond of cool tech. I recently bought an iPad, and it’s pretty sweet. I read Wired’s big cover piece on tablet computing, and I agree it has transformational potential. I’ve got a touchscreen desktop, too, and I know of a local school using touchscreens to great effect in special needs education. I loveRead… Read more »

‘The Twitter SF Officials Daily’

If you’re using Twitter, you’ve probably already been exposed to, the site that allows anyone to create daily Twitter newspaper based on lists of Twitter members. It’s a very nice tool, and one we’re now using in the City Attorney’s Office to create a daily update from links and photos shared by more thanRead… Read more »

On Twitter, Engagement Equals Influence for Gov’t Accounts

A new analysis of government Twitter accounts in San Francisco shows that the most interactive are also the most influential. Of the 35 accounts surveyed last week (excluding political accounts by elected officials and inactive accounts), 11 are graded either above 99 by TwitterGrader, or above 20 by Klout, two of the most trusted TwitterRead… Read more »

Check Out How SF Gov Stacks Up on Twitter

More than three dozen San Francisco officials, agencies and programs are active on Twitter, using the microblogging tool to broadcast messages, interact with citizens and even accept service requests. The SF City Attorney’s Office is highly active on Twitter, and in this spreadsheet we’ve put together, you can check out various City and County ofRead… Read more »

How To Analyze Use of Twitter and Other Social Media

© Creative Commons adriel [at] September 5, 2010 One Saturday, I noticed that my pal Nick Charney was getting a lot of buzz on Twitter while speaking at a big conference. In addition to his fearless innovation, Charney is well-known for his hairstyle, long bangs with a flip. I decided to have a littleRead… Read more »

San Francisco’s Open Data Efforts On Display

San Francisco’s aggressive open data efforts were on display this week, as civic and technology leaders took the stage at sf.govfresh, an event highlighting technology innovation in City government. City CIO Chris Vein (who also was recently interviewed by ideation solutions firm BrightIdea) and Department of Technology innovations manager Jay Nath explained how the CityRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio Hot Links – August 21, 2010

Start your weekend early, with tomorrow’s hot links today: Alex Howard: Space IT, the final frontier Courtney Clark: What’s Your Story? User Stories Instead of Technical Documentation Allan Holmes: Craigslist creator tries to bring initiative out of the shadows Shai Sacks: Learning how to lobby Congress Mark Higginson: Social Media Energizes Political Campaigns Down UnderRead… Read more »