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The Keys to Unified Talent Management

“Did you know that approximately 10,000 people will retire each day? This means 43 percent of the current workforce will retire in the next decade,” stated Steve Dobberowsky, Principal, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone. There are many challenges that agencies face today, such as shrinking budgets and the Baby Boomer retirements. So, howRead… Read more »

How to Improve Application Performance

“We depend on applications today,” stated Zach Trusty, Senior Solutions Engineer at Riverbed Technology. Think about how often you check the weather app to pick out an outfit or check all your social media sites from your phone. Applications are a constant in our lives. Applications are frequently used, but they are routinely updated asRead… Read more »

Tips for Becoming a Senior Leader in Government

Learn something new everyday – that’s a phrase you’ve heard since you were little. You should always be looking for new experiences, skills to gain and ways to grow in leadership positions. As much as you want to do all these things, it’s easier said than done. So, where do you begin? In GovLoop’s recentRead… Read more »

Transforming IT Operations to Delivery Efficient Business Services

You know how you expect all your technology to work smoothly? Think about how annoyed you get when your apps won’t update or your email won’t sync fast enough. “We expect applications to be available all the time and the experience to be perfect,” said Craig Chapman, Sales Manager and Customer Champion of ServiceNow. TheseRead… Read more »

How Passion is a Key Ingredient to Balance

Nowadays, finding the balance with conventional and agile IT is what most agencies are aiming for. So, how do you create this balance? The federal government, specifically IT workers, are usually comfortable with traditional IT systems because they have been around for a while and they know how the system functions. And especially for thoseRead… Read more »