Community Building: Seth Godin on Organizing Your Advance

Note: “advance” as in the title of this blog post is Seth Godin’s preferential word for what we normally refer to as “retreat” or in-person gathering with a mission (he thinks retreat is too negative; I agree). Online Communities are strengthened by simultaneous offline community gatherings. But importantly, not all offline community gatherings, or “retreatsadvances”Read… Read more »

The White House Wants You, Esteemed Experts!

The White House has been busy the last couple weeks, marking the first anniversary of the Open Government Directive with a live Q&A session, releasing a 25-Point Federal CIO Implementation Plan, and posting an ExpertNet RFI. We also shared a great analysis of the Open Government Initiative by Ph.D. candidate Angela Newell. This week, weRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Google and GPO Let You Get Your Gov Read On

C’mon – you know you’re nerdy enough to review the Federal budget on your Nook. Well, now you can. Ed. O’Keefe in his Federal Eye blog reports that GPO and Google inked a deal to make government documents available in Google’s eBookstore: Google, GPO strike an e-Book deal Here are a few details from Ed:Read… Read more »

Ask the GovExpert: Procurement Is NOT Monkeys Punching Out Purchase Orders

GovLoop is excited to bring you a new series we’re calling “Ask the GovExpert.” We’d like to bring new voices to the community, introducing you to people who are at the top of their fields. We kick off our inaugural interview with Shannon Wampler, a Senior Supply Diversity Coordinator at the University of Virginia. InRead… Read more »

Six Social Media Trends for 2011 (from Harvard Business Review)

David Armano of lays out his predictions for 6 social media trends for 2011. Read the full scoop on the Harvard Business Review here. He makes some interesting points (boiled down, below): 1. It’s The Integration Economy, Stupid. 2. Tablet & Mobile Wars Create Ubiquitous Social Computing. 3. Facebook Interrupts Location-Based Networking. 4. Average ParticipantsRead… Read more »