How Your Cellphone Can Halt Ebola

Think about the computing power within your pocket: you can find the closest jumbo slice, order an Uber ride home and…track and target diseases? That’s right. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – the same technology that powers maps on your smartphone – can be used to help medical providers map the spread of diseases like EbolaRead… Read more »

Your ECM Crash Course

Last month we talked about the 10 benefits of going paperless. But how can your agency execute on a paperless vision? It all starts with understanding Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. GovLoop and Hyland, a market leader in ECM technology, created a variety of resources to help you understand the importance of ECM (see ourRead… Read more »

Is There a Yelp for Gov?

You wouldn’t go to a new restaurant without checking out the Yelp reviews, but government might buy a billion dollar software system without checking the data first. But now government is trying to reverse the trend. They are starting to use performance data to create better government decision-making. Chris Mihm, Managing Director of Strategic IssuesRead… Read more »

former federal CIO Steve VanRoekel at GeekWire

DorobekINSIDER: 6 Reasons Silicon Valley Can’t Fix Government

Hey there. I’m Christopher Dorobek — the DorobekINSIDER — and welcome GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER… where we focus on six words: Helping government do its job better. On GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER: Living in a Mobile World – lessons learned from ACT-IAC’s mobile apps fair: Some of the big takeaways from the app fair, emphasizing how government organizations areRead… Read more »

Keep Your City Running with Data and GIS

There are some basic features—things like buildings, water systems, parks, roads, electrical lines and buildings—that comprise the infrastructure of any city. And many people, myself included, often think of these as static features within the city landscape. However, if you work in state or local government, you know that’s not the case. The infrastructure ofRead… Read more »

Big Data Analytics for Effective Financial Market Oversight: 3 Essential Ingredients

Over the past few months, I have co-hosted Conversations on Big Data, a series of discussions about using analytics in creative and interesting ways. Today’s Conversation is with Lori Walsh, the Chief of the Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics (the Center) for the Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Division of Enforcement. The SEC has severalRead… Read more »

Applying Analytics to Continuous Process Improvement

Conversations on Big Data is a series of discussions with executive-level leaders about using big data analytics in creative and interesting ways to improve business outcomes. Today’s Conversation is with Gerald Ray, the Deputy Executive Director of the Office of Appellate Operations (Appellate Ops) at the Social Security Administration (SSA). Appellate Ops manages cases whereRead… Read more »

What is the Cost of 1,000,000 TPS?

Suppose you are called into a meeting and asked to help with some quick planning estimates for a new IT system that is being proposed in response to an important and urgent White House initiative. The system will be used to collect and analyze massive amounts of real-time sensor data. Your boss says “we needRead… Read more »