Travis County Makes Audits Less Taxing

Travis County, Texas, is legally required to audit its property tax refunds, but a heavier workload (and no additional resources) made that increasingly difficult — until the auditor’s office implemented a new automated analytics tool, that is. Processing time has plummeted by 91%, among other dramatic achievements.

FPLOE Contract Type – Innovatively Used or Abused?

One type of government contract — the firm-fixed-price, level-of-effort (FPLOE) contract — specifically relates to research and development. But some agencies are using FPLOE contracts for unauthorized purposes, and that’s not innovative, says one GovLoop featured contributor: It’s abuse.

Where Data Can Take You

Both qualitative data (what people think and feel) and quantitative data (what you can measure and count) can shed light on employees’ experiences on the job. An innovative team in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is collecting and analyzing both types of information to help make the VA an even more welcoming place to… Read more »

Maximizing the Power of IoT and OT in Federal Agencies

Pairing the Internet of Things (IoT) with operational technology (OT) is an innovative way for federal agencies to optimize their existing tools and deliver revolutionary remote management. The potential of the IoT/OT convergence is boundless.