Unpacking the “Black Box” of Incident Reporting

Government agencies regularly report “incident” data, such as the number of burglaries, house fires, cases of food poisoning, bankruptcies, workplace injuries, and more. While these data can be used externally for accountability, they can also be used internally to predict and prevent these kinds of incidents. These days, more detailed, near real-time data can beRead… Read more »

The Education Gap: Preparing for the Cyber Threat – Plus Your Weekend Reads

The missing link in cybersecurity may not be stronger firewalls or continuous monitoring, but the skills gap that currently exists with cyber pros. DorobekINSIDER Live wanted to get to the bottom of the problem during an impressive panel featuring: (Listen to the archive here): Ron Ross, Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’sRead… Read more »

Predicting Famine Through Analytics

Starving children have depended on warnings made by a federal interagency group that has worked together for more than 25 years to help international aid groups by predicting where famines in remote regions are occurring. The Famine Early Warning System is an interagency network among federal agencies and the United Nations that began in 1985,Read… Read more »

FBI Calls on Industry to Demo Video Analysis, Processing Tech

The FBI is researching technologies intended to analyze, process and manage video content in an effort to create a road map for the bureau’s future video analytics infrastructure. FBI will host an industry day Dec. 11 at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. to brief contractors on the project, according to a FedBizOppsRead… Read more »

Trend 1: Performance

Over the past two decades, the goal of those in the “performance movement” across the globe has been to change the culture of government agencies to be more results-oriented and performance-focused in their work and their decision-making. But it has been a long road. In 2011, two European academics conducted a meta-analysis of 519 studiesRead… Read more »

Is the Hype Hurricane Setting the Right Expectations for Employers and Data Scientists?

Recently, I was asked to speak about thoughts on the future of data science and data scientists to a government audience. Not being a data scientist myself, rather carving my niche in the world as a solution architect turned evangelist, I pondered on a number of alternative messages I could share with the audience. QuiteRead… Read more »

The Next Generation of Analytics: Insights from Dr. Michael Evanchik

“Data analytics should be a core competency taught to all college students.” –Adrian Gardner, Chief Information Officer, Federal Emergency Management Agency Only 15% of government agencies rely on analytics to meet agency goals, even though nearly 85% of agencies acknowledge analytics can bring increased efficiency and productivity to their agencies, according to GovLoop’s most recentRead… Read more »

Supporting Collaboration Across the Intelligence Community

SIGNAL Magazine, an AFCEA publication exploring trends and techniques in defense, intelligence and global security technology, wrote an excellent article discussing how Basis Technology’s HIGHLIGHT software is helping the Intelligence Community (IC) put names in standard spelling so they are easier to find and connect. What struck me was the the notion of how importantRead… Read more »

Passion for Datatelling

Once upon a time, in a far away land…wait, this isn’t some fairy tale about princes and princesses, but rather one where the hero (in this case me) gets to explain why great storytelling is the true art and future of all data analysis projects within government organizations, businesses, and non-profits. As I have saidRead… Read more »

Oracle Analytics Means Smooth Sailing Toward Mission Goals

According to a recent GovLoop survey, analytics can improve the efficiency, productivity, and resource allocation of agencies. Additionally, we have seen countless ways analytics can improve transparency and drive better decision making for government agencies. But did you know analytics also propelled Team USA to one of the greatest comebacks in sport’s history during theRead… Read more »