Facebook (GovLoop, too) is for Everyone; Twitter is Not

from After using Facebook and Twitter at high volume for a few months, I’m ready to say it: one has universal appeal, the other most decidedly does not. I like both, but I have to take a strong position against folks who think everyone should be on Twitter. Everyone should not be on Twitter…. Read more »

Much government web content is written in “governmentese” instead of plain language, says a white paper of Federal Web Managers Council

Much government web content is written in “governmentese” instead of plain language, says a white paper* developed by the Federal Web Managers Council, comprised of Cabinet agency Web Directors. The paper suggests (i) Establish Web Communications as a core government business function, (ii) Help the public complete common government tasks efficiently, (iii) Clean up the… Read more »


This past month went by so fast, that I really hadn’t had the time to document everything on all my blogs & sites as much as I would like to… so, here’s the big news: I found myself in Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, in the “Most Beautiful Power Women” Issue!!!!! I’m in there right next to… Read more »

Happy Holidays from the Hokie Guru

Okay, GovLoopers… the Hokie Guru has had a great time blogging college football with you this year. The Hokie Guru’s next post will be after the Christmas holiday. The next posts will be previews of the major college basketball conferences and a few college football bowl game picks. Beginning Saturday, the Hokie Guru is going… Read more »

NIST on Modern Marvels!

The Modern Marvels: Measure It episode will air next week, Tuesday December 23rd at 8 pm ET. “How do you weigh a whale? We go to Shamu’s Tank at Sea World to find out. How does your speedometer work? Off to GM’s test track for the answer. We’ll look at the five most common areas… Read more »

When State servants use social media

Original post at Over the last 3 years we (in New Zealand, but also around the world) have seen a steady increase in the use of social media by State servants: –sanctioned government agency blogs, –State servants blogging about their organisations in their spare time, –State servants responding to blog posts, –State servants writing… Read more »

NIST Web 2.0 (Live) Working Group

“The NIST Information Coordinators Committee has established a Web 2.0 group with representation from across NIST to suggest and facilitate new ways that NIST’s Web site can create two-way communication with our stakeholders and to update our policies to explicitly provide guidance for using Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, public comment functions for Web… Read more »

Intelligence Officers at CIA Don’t Use the Internet?

Once again, the Sunday editorial section of the NY Times featured a number of articles about the intelligence community. Since it is a time of transition, much of the commentary is around mistakes made and failures. Art Brown, a 25-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency, and former head of the Asia division of the… Read more »