Security Policies to Support Government Use of Social Networking Technologies in Today’s Web 2.0 World

From another newsgroup that I subscribe to. The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has released a position paper on Web 2.0 technologies, including social networks. The document enumerates a variety of vulnerabilities in Web 2.0 technologies and discusses high-level recommendations for each. The document does seem to have an overall positive view… Read more »

A social meeting to take the breath of entrepeneurship environment of Barcelona.

The DAY OF THE ENTREPRENEUR is the biggest annual meeting for entrepreneurs and support services for entrepreneurship and business growth in Barcelona. Over two days, the DAY OF THE ENTREPRENEUR brings together, around a widely varied and multi-format programme of activities, more than 5,500 entrepreneurs with business ideas, high level managers and decision-makers, the protagonists… Read more »

3D and Public Policy

I came across a very interesting article by Mike Nelson (former Clinton admin policy techno wonk…now at Georgetown) and Chris Francis (IBM UK) giving some good thoughts on public policy issues and all those 3D virtual world type environments. It’s at: 3D and Public Policy

TSP Talk – Big week for the stock market

Good Monday morning govloopers! Here is your weekly dose of TSP Talk… This may sound cliché, but this should be a big week for the stock market. After Thursday and Friday’s big losses, which erased the impressive gains made earlier in the week, the market appears ready to make a move. The problem is it… Read more »

Recession Proof Marketing: Dos & Don’ts

Quick read from American Marketing Assocation on how to recession proof your marketing: Most applicable comment that translates across all areas is the quote from Mary Best West, CMO of Kraft Foods, “Walking in the shoes of your consumers is the key to keeping products moving during a recession…And I am talking about walking… Read more »

In Need of U.S. Government Social Media Examples?

Just in case you haven’t seen this presentation from a Bev Godwin, Director, & Web Best Practices, Office of Citizen Services, U.S. General Services Administration on Government and Social Media (from March 2008), I wanted to forward along: It has some good examples of how social media is being used in U.S. Government… Read more »


Hi everyone, Wahoooo!!!!!!! What a great game!! We went to the grocery store & I bought a slice of pizza to drop in my empty pit after being out on my motorcycles without lunch, so the girl at the register asked why I wasn’t watching the game & If I was recording it. I said… Read more »

Just released: Open Budget Index

The International Budget Partnership released today the Open Budget Index (OBI). The UK scores first on the provision of budget information to its public, followed by South Africa, France, New Zealand and the United States. On the other hand, 80% of the surveyed governments fail to provide sufficient information on the budget to its public…. Read more »