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Social Media and the Future of Democracy Part Three: Can Technology Turn the Tide of Partisanship?

In the last blog in this series on technology and the future, I talked about how trust is moving away from large institutions. Moving right along, here’s my next point: Technology Can Lead to Greater Civility in Politics Every day, people tell me that we need to be more civil in our politics. So whatRead… Read more »

Facebook v. Google+ What It’s Really about Is Connectivity

Yesterday, I commented on Dannielle Blumenthal’s “5 Reasons Why Facebook will beat Google+ Easily” In essence: I disagree. Here are Dannielle’s reasons: Brand: She says “Facebook is about staying connected with friends. Google is about making the world’s data searchable.” But to me, and most people with GMail, Picasa, Blogger, and Reader accounts, (to sayRead… Read more »

50 Days of Lulz: A Retrospective

Last Saturday, the hacker collective Lulz Security disbanded after nearly two months of “high-quality entertainment at your expense,” stating that they had always intended to keep their campaign to 50 days and were not responding to heightened law enforcement pressure. Throughout their internet rampage, the hacker group was heavily hyped by the media, often forRead… Read more »

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Gen “Y Not?” – Building the Next Generation of Government

If you’re interested in this topic, please consider attending our Next Generation of Government Summit on July 28-29 in Washington, DC, where emerging leaders and thinkers will convene to chart the future course of government. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** In another post, I captured the proceedings of an International Symposium which is discussing “Generation Y and Public Management:Read… Read more »

Blog Recap: Yesterday’s Hearing On Inspiring Students To Federal Service

Yesterday I had the chance to sit in on a hearing by the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, the Federal Workforce, and the District of Columbia. It was titled “Inspiring Students to Federal Service.” I took some notes and thought I’d share them in the form of brief summaries of each of theRead… Read more »

Top 9 Things I Learned in Berlin

So I’m in Berlin this week talking to folks in Germany about social networks and collaborations. In the course of conversations and beers, I learned a ton about how public service works over here in Germany. Here’s 9 things I found interesting: 1) 41 hours per week – Professional civil servants work 41 hours perRead… Read more »

Open Data Job Posting at MaRS in Toronto

The following job posting can be found on the MaRS website here. So here’s a job for an open data advocate living in, or willing to move to, Toronto. For the right person with the right vision, this could be about getting a group of organizations to open up their data to drive innovation andRead… Read more »

The Anti-Social Business

Cross-posted from the IBM Center for the Business of Government, co-authored with Dan Chenok. The newest business term making the rounds is “social business.” Of course, we hesitate to say “newest,” as there may be a new term by the time this blog is posted (this morning, in fact, we saw a reference to somethingRead… Read more »

Secret Service starts Twitter account, stumbles

Just nine days after starting an official (and verified) Twitter feed, the U.S. Secret Service had a pretty public gaffe that most professional social media managers have experienced (or feared) at some point or another. As reported by ABC News and other outlets, a staffer accidentally tweeted something meant for a personal account. The departmentRead… Read more »

‘Official’ local gov blogging

Simon writes a nice post celebrating the existence of the new official BIS blog, and provides a handy list of existing Whitehall “formal, properly-designated corporate ‘blogs’”. Here they are – I’ve also added UKTI’s blog to the list, which I’m sure Simon will do too on his when he gets a moment: Foreign Office MinistryRead… Read more »

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