The Stage in Cloud Operations: Code-to-Cloud Security

As many agencies have expanded their use of cloud and multi-cloud environments, they may have pushed scaling up their security to the backburner. That can leave critical gaps that cyber attackers are ready to take advantage of. The “code-to-cloud” model, when combined with a cloud-native platform, offers a promising pathway to improve multi-cloud security. TheRead… Read more »

Detect Hidden Threats Before the Damage Is Done

Despite new technologies and new policies, cyber criminals continue to find ways to infiltrate government networks. That’s why you can’t just focus on prevention: Malicious actors could already be in your environment, hidden by the overwhelming volume of cyber data. Download this infographic to discover how you can suss out cyber threats by knowing yourRead… Read more »

The New Cyber Agenda Takes Shape

Government agencies are dealing with a variety of cybersecurity challenges these days, and the emergence of a hybrid remote workforce has significantly changed the typical IT environment. Agencies have to determine how to deliver on their missions while protecting their data, applications, and systems with the right cybersecurity measures. This infographic offers a cyber to-doRead… Read more »

Achieving Successful Outcomes With the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

To learn more about the CSF’s usage, perception and outcomes in government, particularly its five functions, GovLoop teamed with Symantec, a leader in cybersecurity, to survey groups of federal employees. This infographic offers statistics, challenges, and how CSF is being used in government at the federal, state and local level.

Facing FITARA Challenges

The federal government is spending over $80 billion per year on its information technology (IT), but estimates say as much as $20 billion of this is wasted through poorly managed acquisition and implementation. Enter FITARA. The goal of the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), enacted on December 19, 2014, is to mitigate this problemRead… Read more »

Your Path to Combat Cybersecurity Threats

Government has entered a new era of cybersecurity threats. With cyber attacks being directed more at applications now, agencies need transformative solutions that are simple, secure, and cost-effective. An enterprise application delivery control, like Citrix Netscaler, can help your agency combat cyberthreats while maintaining cost-efficiency. This infographic explains: Current challenges in the new era of cybersecurity HowRead… Read more »

Cyber Land: The Path to Security

The federal budget, the president’s State of the Union, and myriad ongoing agency initiatives highlight how dedicated the federal government is to improving cybersecurity in 2016. But before we dive into a new year with new initiatives, it’s important to understand how we got here – what attacks we’ve endured and the progress we’ve made to getRead… Read more »

Why You Should Care About FedRAMP

The Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a governmentwide program that provides a standardized approach for assessing the security of cloud products and services, authorizing them for government use and continuously monitoring the long-term security of those cloud solutions. Here’s why FedRAMP needs to be on your radar:

How Gov Gets Hacked

Whether we like it or now, recent events have impressed the susceptibility of government organizations to cyberattacks. But when you read the headline, “Agency Information Exposed!”, do you actually know what that means? Do you really understand what cyberattacks look like, how they’re executed, or who pays the real price when they’re successful? This infographic explains howRead… Read more »

Achieving Full Spectrum Dominance

The battlefield is changing for American forces. It is larger, now spanning cyberspace and even outerspace, and it is more crowded with new, aggressive actors including non-state terror groups and solo hackers. In order to maintain control of this increasingly expansive and diverse threat environment, the Department of Defense must transform its organization, its people, and its strategies. AndRead… Read more »

How Government Does Cybersecurity

In the face of mounting threats, government has established cybersecurity as a top priority. But how exactly will local, state, and federal agencies accomplish the mission of securing critical information and infrastrcuture? Rather than taking on threats alone, every facet of government has to work together to create a comprehensive and robust cyber strategy. EachRead… Read more »

Cyber Security in Focus

As agencies begin to deploy cloud computing, mobile and big initiatives, it’s important to realize that emerging technology is essential to meet growing public sector demand. Yet, emerging technology may also expose agencies to increased risks. This infographic puts cyber security in focus, showing current trends in cyber security at the federal level, adoption of… Read more »