5 Best Practices Adopted by Cyber-Savvy Teams

In many organizations, cybersecurity is often treated as a compliance to-do. But in order to bring lasting change, agencies need to create a more cyber-literate culture. This short, overview resource highlights takeaways from a recent discussion with government experts about how agencies can help employees work both effectively and securely. You’ll explore insights from: Kirk H.Read… Read more »

How to Embrace Code-to-Cloud Security

As government agencies continue to leverage the benefits of cloud, the task of meeting security, governance and compliance requirements becomes increasingly critical. This new topic snapshot report provides a concise overview of the challenges agencies face as well as solutions to those problems. You’ll also explore five best practices for implementing a code-to-cloud model toRead… Read more »

6 Ways to Close Your Organization’s Cyber Gaps

The stakes just keep getting higher when it comes to cybersecurity. A government agency is hit with a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, according to a recent report from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. That’s a scary statistic for any organization, and more so in the public sector, where there’s a high bar setRead… Read more »

The Open-and-Shut Case for a Cybersecurity Upgrade

Many agencies are bogged down with budget battles, lengthy procurement cycles and outdated technology. That makes it harder to follow federal cybersecurity mandates and protect sensitive data. Download this topic snapshot to discover how your organization can create a prioritized cybersecurity upgrade plan to help your modernization journey. You’ll learn: Effective ways to secure theRead… Read more »

4 Priorities for Effective Identity Management

The term “critical infrastructure” evokes images of power lines and water treatment facilities, but it also applies to the identity management platforms that protect networks from cyber intrusion. At a recent GovLoop virtual event, “Access Denied: How to Improve Your Agency’s Identity Management,” Steve Caimi, Director of US Public Sector Solutions Marketing with Okta —Read… Read more »

Don’t Panic: 5 Doable Ways to Improve Cybersecurity

Just when you think you understand cybersecurity, everything changes. In the case of cyber solutions, that change is always for the better, but it can still feel overwhelming. One simple piece of advice: “Don’t look at it and let that paralyze you,” said Russell Marsh, Director of Cyber Operations in the Office of the ChiefRead… Read more »

Why a Human-Centric Approach Is Key to Zero Trust

In an era of remote work and rising cyberattacks on public sector targets, federal, state and local authorities need a new approach to cybersecurity. They’re rethinking their cyber strategies both in order to keep the bad actors at bay, and also to meet the call for zero-trust architectures. In this report, we look at howRead… Read more »

Your Agency’s Zero Trust Roadmap

The language of cybersecurity can be complicated and full of terminology that a layperson may struggle to understand. But protecting computer systems from cyberthreats — especially government systems — is increasingly critical. This worksheet offers information on what zero trust entails and practical steps you can take to adopt it in language anyone can understand.Read… Read more »

Understanding Your Threat Intelligence Maturity Level

Cyberattacks are on the rise and protecting against these attacks is a priority of every government agency at all levels. Knowing your threat maturity level can help you understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses as you work towards fully integrated threat intelligence. This new worksheet will help you discern where your organization lies on theRead… Read more »