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Scottish councils embrace flexible working to cut costs

The Improvement Service in Scotland is delivering an ambitious project to help Scottish councils use flexible and agile working to help save money. Spearheaded by City of Edinburgh, Scottish Borders, West Lothian, Fife, Aberdeenshire and Argyll and Bute councils the project will deliver a range of online tools and hands on advice designed to helpRead… Read more »

Digital helps Government reduce costs… really?

I find myself thinking about Government’s desire to reduce costs by ‘going digital.’ It’s as though the very notion of something being online instantly results in reduced effort and cost and provides a useful and usable service to Citizens. In recent years, Government has seen digital as a means of reducing ‘avoidable contact’ – thatRead… Read more »

Boer & van Engers on The Agile Project: Reconciling Agility and Legal Accountability

Dr. Alexander Boer and Professor Dr. Tom van Engers, both of the Leibniz Center for Law at the University of Amsterdam, have published The Agile Project: Reconciling Agility and Legal Accountability, in ICT4JUSTICE 2009: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on ICT Solutions for Justice, Skopje, FYR Macedonia, September 24, 2009 41-49 (George Eleftherakis andRead… Read more »

Application development in the Internet age

The point of this post: Just as the web changed our model of content publishing, so it will change our model of application development. Government IT shops need to evolve to keep up. Publishing and the Web Once upon a time, a writer would write a book (and re-write it and re-write it). Then aRead… Read more »

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs Systems Design & Development Branch Launches Kanban for Software Maintenance

Wow, what a “newsy” sounding title… What I want to do is show how we will use Kanban to track all of our software maintenance activities. I’ll start with a couple of useful links about Kanban as a technique: So I have been on board OPP for about a month. My observation isRead… Read more »

6 IT trends government IT managers should be wary of — Government Computer News

Interesting editorial: I say “editorial” because it’s very much an (albeit educated) opinion of the author (Michael Daconta), and I’m not sure I agree with all of it. I guess I’m usually more of a mind to make these new ideas work in a government environment rather than saying a given technology is “tooRead… Read more »