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7 Tips on Scaling Agile

Love this blog post from the team on how to scale agile – it’s a great long article with practical tips based on using agile methodology to build site Check out the full article but here are their top 7 tips: 1) Be agile with agile 2) Growing fast is hard 3) Don’tRead… Read more »

GAO Releases Report Providing Best Practices for Agile Development

Post Highlights GAO report identifies best practices for agile development Small iterations on IT projects can lead to savings and improved service delivery GAO report provides best practices and common challenges for agile development The hope of any IT investment by government is to improve the operational efficiency and performance to meet public demand. WithRead… Read more »

Agile Document Development: Part 2 of 2: Applying it to documents

The point of these posts: Agile methodologies used by software (and web) developers can be adapted to provide similar value to the rest of us. Not just for techies any more! Waterfall document development. I put it to you that document development in the OPS also tends to follow a waterfall methodology. (If “waterfall methodology”doesn’tRead… Read more »

Agile Document Development: Part 1 of 2: What is Agile?

The point of these posts: Agile methodologies used by software (and web) developers can be adapted to provide similar value to the rest of us. Not just for techies any more! Introduction This is a two part post. If you already know all about waterfall and agile development methodologies, feel free to skip this andRead… Read more »

Save Your Project And Money With Agile

The FBI’s Sentinel project is a recently completed case study of the potential of Lean/Agile methodologies for managing government projects. “so fraught with miscommunication, incompetence and failed oversight that the entire debacle would have been a shoo-in for the most flagrant waste of taxpayer dollars since, well, ever” They were over-running and close to killingRead… Read more »

GAO Report Signals Opportunity for Contractors in Agile Software Development

Applying agile software development methods to IT projects has been a hot topic as of late at the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The agency recently unveiled a report highlighting its 32 tips for applying agile development to help improve how the federal government will develop and implement IT infrastructure projects. Specifically, these tips focus onRead… Read more »

Agile, Iterative, Modular – Get Beyond The Buzzwords

Whether you call it Agile, Iterative, or Modular project management, most agencies are transitioning some of their projects from traditional waterfall methods to techniques that focus on shorter-turnaround, regularly reprioritized deliveries of working products (be that software or other). To increase government workers’ knowledge of these techniques, ASPE, Inc., invites you to register and attendRead… Read more »

5 Agile Project Management Tools

More and more agencies are adopting agile methodologies to designing, building and deploying apps and systems. Agile fundamentally differs from traditional development methodologies such as waterfall. It’s such a radical departure, in fact, that it also requires fundamental changes in how you manage agile projects. This is why PMI recently adopted an Agile Project ManagementRead… Read more »