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Is suggesting things to your boss online, Right?

Today someone called the Community Manager (that’s me) to request that a comment posted by their employee be removed from the intranet site that all 30,000 employees have access to. The comment is in response to a corporately-supported article about supervisors, which invited people to share their thoughts online. The comment that incited the phoneRead… Read more »

Jump, Amy, Jump!

2010_National_JumpAmyJump_Final.pdf <#JumpAmyJump! Via FB @ & Blog> <Reposted Directly from Blog> What would you pay to get your boss to jump out of an airplane? $5? $50? $500? Would you give her a good push her for free? Have you already done it and hope you don’t get caught? If you haven’t andRead… Read more »

Rule# 3: On a Personal Level, never ask a subordinate to do anything you wouldn’t ask of a peer or boss

In the past, most managers above a certain level had a secretary who performed a variety of tasks such as typing, taking dictation, controlling access and calendar, making travel arrangements, and a variety of other mundane tasks that improved the efficiency of the manager. In the best of situations the boss and secretary became aRead… Read more »