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Get Wet! Cause Some Waves! (Or Not… )

Over the course of many decades of governmental work, as well as employment in the private sector and non-profit scene, I have witnessed first-hand and heard, second-hand, of the inherent dangers of saying something that is either unpleasant, reveals corruption, or otherwise is unpopular with the current ‘Powers-That-Be’. All of which leaves someone wondering whetherRead… Read more »

7 Ways to Build a Boss

Since there’s the “Build a Bear” concept for kids, I figured why not create my own fictitious “Build a Boss?” I have had a fairly large number of supervisors during my federal government career (I’m counting at least 14 in 11 years). And while no one is perfect (not even Olivia Pope on “Scandal”… evenRead… Read more »

Ten Things Your Boss Should Be Saying to You

In my last post, I talked about the ten things you should be saying to your boss. Now it’s time to look at the other side and share ten things that your boss should be saying to you. “What do you think?” Your boss should value your opinion and contributions and frequently ask for yourRead… Read more »

Managing Change in an Organization during a Transition in Leadership Tip #3

Managing Change in an Organization during a Transition in Leadership Authored by: Patty Guard, Former Deputy Director of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education, Board Member Public Sector Consortium Ensure stability When the previous boss is departing and you have accepted the position of the acting replacement, there are steps you can take toRead… Read more »

Are you fluent in the art of asking questions?

We all ask a lot of questions, but do we ask the right questions? In the right way? To the right person? At the right time? Who would have thought asking questions would be such an involved process, but it is. Particularly in government, where we deal with bosses, managers, supervisors, and colleagues in differentRead… Read more »

The Hierarchy of Needs for Social Media Evangelists

This post originally appeared on my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” What do you need from your job to succeed? Good salary? Short commute? Work/life balance? Everyone has their own dealbreakers and must-haves – what’s important to one person may not matter to another. These variables differ greatly from profession to profession too. I rememberRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Success As A Suck-up?

There are certain things you should know about your boss. If you can’t answer these questions, find out. Make this your goal for 2011. I suspect the results will a). impact your workplace relationship with your boss for the better, b). make for a performance review you see an improvement on, and c). provide youRead… Read more »