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How Technology is Transforming Performance Management

Many government agencies are still using pencil-and-paper-based performance management systems that simply no longer work. Learn how incorporating technology into your performance management can help.

What’s Fair? Managing Perceptions of Performance Management Programs

Agencies use performance management programs to inform employee decisions related to compensation, transfers, promotions and workforce cuts. But sometimes perceptions of the fairness of these programs can affect employee motivation. Learn how you can navigate in your agency.

Does Your Agency Have a Plan for High Potential Employee Flight Risk?

Does a great employee show signs of wanting to leave? Don’t let your high potentials go that easy. Learn how you can identify flight risks and motivate future leaders to stay.

4 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Bench

To foster the development of the agency’s leaders of tomorrow, agencies need to build action plans to grow leadership bench strength today.

Pass it On: 9 Ways to Share Knowledge

The mission of your organization can only be accomplished by people with the knowledge, skills, and initiative to make things happen. Capturing and sharing even some of the basics can go a long way in equipping current and future employees to carry on your organization’s important work.

3 Steps to Smooth Succession Planning

This year’s presidential election is the ultimate example of succession planning. However, most government agencies and organizations won’t have their new boss selected by millions of voters, but rather a board of directors, HR professionals, and various stakeholders. So how exactly does succession planning work when the electoral college isn’t involved? What are some best… Read more »

The Foundations of Leadership Succession Planning

To prepare new leaders and create a talent pipeline, agencies can take a strategic approach that begins long before leaders make their exit. A strong succession plan leverages reliable information about workers’ strengths, career ambitions and potential to prepare the next generation of leaders in anticipation of workforce changes.

6 Pitfalls to Workforce Planning: The Fifth and Sixth Pitfalls

The first four pitfalls have been covered. Now it’s time to share the last two, and most likely pitfalls of all … Pitfall No. 5: Running Out of Steam; and Pitfall lNo. 6: Planning for the Wrong Skill Sets Regarding Pitfall No. 5: It should not escape the astute reader that sharing these last two… Read more »

6 Pitfalls to Workforce Planning: The Fourth Pitfall

We’ve talked about the first three Pitfalls. Now it’s time to share a tough one… Pitfall No. 4: Translating Plans into Business Lingo. Workforce Planning is characterized by two components, the human side and the business side. We’ve talked a bit about the human side but it’s the business side that launches the Plan! Mark… Read more »