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New Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel’s Agenda: Implications for the Future of Federal IT

Is the new federal chief information officer, Steven VanRoekel, markedly different from his predecessor, Vivek Kundra? How will Kundra’s ambitious IT agenda fare under the leadership of a new CIO? How will VanRoekel’s leadership change the future of federal information technology, and the way the U.S. government works? Find out more in this issue briefRead… Read more »

Use a Word Cloud to See if You Are Emphasizing the Right Keywords in Your Resume

Word Cloud. You’ve probably seen one but may not have realized what it is. A word cloud is a randomly arranged combination of words or phrases meant to visually represent the words or ideas that are most prominent in a document. The more a phrase or word appears in a document, the larger it willRead… Read more »

Why We’re Excited About Amazon’s Government Cloud

Amazon announced the Amazon Web Services GovCloud today. This means that government agencies and programs can benefit from Amazon Web Services without having to fret about the myriad security and compliance issues that have been keeping them back. We’re really excited about this for a few reasons: Fewer Excuses Amazon has waded through the oceanRead… Read more »

What is the correct definition of “The Cloud”?

My colleague, Glenn Gibson wrote this interesting post on “the cloud”….. In my last blog post, “What’s Wrong With Today’s Definitions of The Cloud,” I discussed why I believe the term “Cloud” is so confusing to the average person. And it’s not getting any easier. Not only are we hearing about the Cloud around theRead… Read more »

Calling Government IT: Cloud Trends – Contribute to the Conversation!

Government IT Professionals – we want to hear from you! Contribute to a report on the government’s use of cloud-based applications and help shed light on the importance of this technological shift. Reports abound on the private sector’s trend to move business applications to the cloud in an effort to reduce expenditures and improve operationalRead… Read more »

How to Incorporate Open Source Thinking into Cloud Computing – GL Training – 8/11

Sign up for our free monthly online training on 8/11 at 2pm EST – This month’s topic is “How to Incorporate Open Source Thinking into Cloud Computing” – presented by Red Hat – make sure to RSVP********************************************************************************************************************* Every conference I go to there seems to be whole sessions devote to cloud computing and whole separateRead… Read more »

The Woz Effect: Innovation For Tomorrow, Today! (Are You In?)

I think everyone probably has at least heard bits and pieces of what Steve Wozniak’s Key Note at FOSE yesterday, however I think it’s very important we wipe away our awe for a moment and look long and hard at just what he said. To most technorati, or at very least technology proficient, folks inRead… Read more »

GovCloud Is Now For Real !!

On Friday July 1, Infrastructure-as-a-Services for the US federal government became a reality with Authority to Operate (ATO) approval for the following vendors: Web Hosting CGI Federal Computer Literacy World Eyak Technology Computer Technologies Consultant Savvis Federal Systems Virtual Machine Autonomic Resources Carahsoft Technology Corp CGI Federal Computer Literacy World AT&T Eyak Technology General DynamicsRead… Read more »