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Since you put it that way… Making sense of making a decision about the cloud.

In my opinion, the cloud provides the most cost effective, innovative, efficient, reliable and secure method of providing specific core IT services to business and organizations. Most people out there, or at least those people in IT, already know about the cloud, and most of us have our own thoughts and perceptions about what itRead… Read more »

Webinar: Gov 2.0 Apps In Action

Join CivSource and Caspio for a free webinar to learn how the latest cloud-based technologies are enabling state and local agencies to publish databases and deploy interactive web applications on their websites without programming. Topics to be covered: * How cloud technology is used for a variety of Gov 2.0, open government, and e-gov apps.Read… Read more »

CivSource: Gov apps get boost with cloud-based data publishing tool

A Florida health agency and a Texas-based Community College are both utilizing a simple and cost effective cloud-based solution to help them expand services, increase performance and better serve their constituents. Opening access to information, while reducing response time and personnel overhead, sits at the core of both their strategies.

DOD Secretary Gates details planned cuts in defense IT and elsewhere — Government Computer News

With upcoming and eminent DoD budget cuts, enterprise IT capabilities like AKO/DKO may become the norm. Regarding the current way of doing business, “All of our bases, operational headquarters and defense agencies have their own IT infrastructures, processes and application-ware,” Gates said at a Pentagon press conference. “This decentralized approach results in large cumulative costs,Read… Read more »

Considering “the Cloud” – Asking the right questions and looking for the right answers

I recently saw a blog post from Jim Townsend (President of InfoStrat) which did a fantastic job of articulating some of the concerns around cloud computing in the public sector. This is a topic that has been and will continue to be widely debated within and outside of government IT. Rather than pose a numberRead… Read more »

Cloud Computing–How High Should Government Fly?

The information technology industry has fallen head over heels when it comes to cloud computing. Many analysts have weighed in on the inevitability of shutting down your outdated server room and shifting to services that are hosted on the Internet at a remote data center. It’s hard to argue against the cloud computing trend, especiallyRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Henry Brown

I am currently employed as a Security Analyst for Office of Personnel Management 1.What was your path to public service/current job? I spent 15 years in the military, before I decided that money was one of the more important things in my life (was trying to raise a family on E-6 pay in theRead… Read more »

Three New State Legislatures to Increase Transparency with New Media

The Oklahoma House of Representatives, Virginia House and Senate, and the Illinois General Assembly – LIS Division recently partnered with Granicus to engage more people in the democratic process with new media tools such as video, bill systems integration, archiving, search, and podcasting. Granicus will be showcasing these and other clients at the National ConferenceRead… Read more »

Red Hat Overhauls the Enterprise Software Stack (report from Red Hat Summit and JBoss World)

A few people expressed interest in this conference and asked me to report back on it. So here’s my blog: I didn’t catch any talks directly related to government. One interesting talk was on implementing mobile applications in health care using open source SOA tools and libraries.