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Is Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Always The Best Deal?

By Cindy Wilkins, Sr. Program Analyst In the current fiscal environment, there is an even stronger focus on being a good steward of taxpayer dollars. That is certainly commendable and definitely what is expected by John Q. Public. The recent trend to uphold that trust placed in the Government has been toward awarding contracts onRead… Read more »

Ready, Set, Go… Cross the Acquisition Package Finish Line by Fiscal Year End

This is sprinting season for any acquisition professional working on completing acquisition packages, negotiating offers and awarding the proposals. Contracting Officers (COs) should be proactive in doing all that needs to be done to ensure the requirements are awarded in a timely fashion. While each agency has its own internal policies and regulations, there areRead… Read more »

The Cynic’s Guide to Government Contracting

There’s an interesting post by Ben Balter on why government doesn’t use open source. It’s a good read, in which Balter presents all the reasons why government doesn’t use open-source software for its web sites, from the demand for enterprise solutions to a desire to avoid transparency (really). Why is government so bad at buildingRead… Read more »

Fear of the FAR – Is It Getting in the Way of Doing Business?

By Craig Taylor, PMP Do 1,883 pages of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), comprised of 53 different Parts, dozens of forms, and a correction page feel like something to be feared? Does it keep you from buying what you need to support your agency? Many government decision-makers look at the FAR as a significant obstacle toRead… Read more »

Dun, Dun, Dun, DRONE! USGS is up in the Air

Drones. The word sends shivers down the spines of some Americans, but these remotely piloted aircraft are poised to make huge inroads in the national airspace. “Despite the fact that most people link unmanned aircraft systems with intelligence agencies and the military, the federal government’s drones user base extends well beyond spies and soldiers, reportsRead… Read more »

Procurement Summit – How to Empower the CIO

Twenty years ago the government created the role of the Chief Information Officer. But now, two decades later, there’s still a real disconnected between procurement and IT. Procurement systems simply cannot keep up with the pace of the technology. Need proof? Just look at the rollout of Many experts say the wrong contractors andRead… Read more »

How Philly is Bridging the Gap Between Gov & Innovation

On Tuesday April 8th, GovLoop hosted our third annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. This year we focused on “Innovations that Matter” and how to make innovation stick at your agency. Read this recap of our session on a new open-source solution in Philadephia and head here for the full recordings. More blog coverage of theRead… Read more »

Can Reverse Auctions Move Your Contracting Process Forward?

By Anna Hartley, Senior Acquisition Specialist Reverse auctions, a relatively new contracting method used by the government to procure a variety of good and services where the price is the main factor, has caused much debate and provoked heavy criticism among contracting professionals in the last few years. Some believe that reverse auctions are anRead… Read more »

A New Era At TechAmerica – Five Big Priorities

TechAmerica has been working through a difficult period after four key executives left suddenly to start a competing public sector organization. Now, Mike Hettinger the newly hired Senior Vice President for Public Sector, is hitting the ground running. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that he has spent considerable time since he wasRead… Read more »