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5 Phrases To Cut From Your Emails

Email has become a primary form of communication for business, yet there are still so many terrible examples flooding company inboxes every day: Meandering, imprecise missives that don’t seem to have a point. Email chains a mile long that somehow leave everyone with a differing opinion on the next course of action. (When they wereRead… Read more »

How to Write for Short Attention Spans

It’s no secret that people’s attention spans are shrinking, and shrinking fast. According to recent studies the average person’s attention span is now only 7-8 seconds long. That means you have roughly eight seconds to grab your stakeholder’s attention and engage them enough to get your message across so they can take action. With messagesRead… Read more »

Trending Up – What Works For Government Outreach?

Matching the message to the medium is a key component for effective outreach. What else makes the cut? Wednesday, GovDelivery hosted an event on the Power of Reach in government, on how your communications can engage stakeholders to take action – online or offline – to truly drive mission value for your organization. And asRead… Read more »

The Human Element of Communications

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, blogs and emails have changed the way government communicates with the public. But in order to have a true government transformation, you can’t forget about the people part of the equation. You can send out all the tweets in the world, but if no one sees them, or takes an action,Read… Read more »

Are You An Outreach Winner?

#Winning. It’s not just Charlie Sheen who can craft a popular tweet. In fact, even you can top Mr. Sheen because your tweets are not just popular – they’re also helpful and informative. Think about it: your engagement can help taxpayers save time, money and resources. And it’s not just about Twitter. Government is gettingRead… Read more »