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The Ethics of Government Intervention in Environmental Change

Bioethics is a complex, necessary field of philosophical study. While our government has usually stayed away from normative ethics in favor of applied ethics, protecting the environment often elicits an after-the-fact normative question: “How ought the government have acted in protecting the environment?” With numerous federal agencies and programs set up explicitly to help protectRead… Read more »

Computer Crashes Cause Disaster in the Hospital Setting

When the computer monitors whoosh to black in a hospital environment, mass panic is the natural reaction. In a world where everyone is so utterly dependent on computer technology,  a hospital can experience real difficulties when the computer system abruptly shuts down. Patient records, lab reports, prescription instructions and integral e-mails can all vanish inRead… Read more »

Industrial Organizational Psychologists in Goverment

While the government is busy running the country, industrial organizational (I/O) psychologists are running the government. This rising field of applied psychology is an exciting profession that marries traditional psychology with logistical applications. Projected to grow 53% over the next decade with a 2012 median pay of $83,580, working behind-the-scenes to ensure the government’s efficacyRead… Read more »

The Top 5 Books of 2015 on Elections & the Political Process… So Far

Although we’re only a mere two months into the year, a deluge of incredible books on the topics of elections and the political process — fiction and non-fiction alike — has occurred.  In the words of George Mason, “The freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty, and can never beRead… Read more »

How Project Management Can Create a More Efficient Government

Project management refers to the process of planning, motivating, organizing and directing resources, protocols, and procedures to attain particular goals that will help in solving both scientific problems as well as problems in your day-to-day. A project refers to a temporary exercise that is designed to create a specified service, product, or result with aRead… Read more »