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Alameda County- Business Values to Social Services

Alameda County is one of the largest counties in California, with 1.9 million residents. Like many agencies across the country, the Alameda County Social Services Agency faced a resource crunch and there 2,200 employees were forced to do much more with less. In a report by IBM, Don Edwards, Assistant Director of Administration and InformationRead… Read more »

IBM Report Highlights the Power of Predictive Analytics

This morning I read an important guide by IBM, Making Critical Connections: Predictive Analytics in Government, Improve Strategic and tactical decision-making. The guide highlights the benefits of predictive analytics in government and shows how data can provide insight and guide decision making for government agencies. I’d encourage you to take a look at the report,Read… Read more »

Look For Singles, Not Home Runs.

Finance managers across government are looking at ways to reduce the cost of Finance and government operations in response to flat or reduced budgets for the foreseeable future. The initial rounds of budget cuts are being achieved though quick, short-term actions, e.g., reduced travel, training, and contracted services. What I see less of are longerRead… Read more »

Analytics: The New Path to Value

A recent report from IBM, Analytics: The New Path to Value, highlights how successful organizations have implemented the use of analytics into their organization. The report partners with the MIT Sloan institute to provide an insightful take on analytics, and how the structured use of data can open up new insights and drive stronger decision-makingRead… Read more »

Blue CRUSH: Fighting Crime With Predictive Policing

When we think about Memphis, Tennessee, traditionally we think about great music and fantastic barbecue. Now, we can add a third trait, which is an innovative and transformative way to fight crime. Larry Godwin, Director of Police Services, Memphis Police Department, recently was profiled in an IBM Smarter Planet Leadership Series Report, highlighting the “BlueRead… Read more »

New IBM Report: Leading Through Connections

IBM recently released its Global CEO Study “Leading Through Connections,” which compiles interviews from over 1,700 CEOs in 64 countries across 18 industries, including the public sector. The report looks at how leading CEOs are responding to an increasingly open and interconnected world, where customers, employees and partners are all connected to the organization inRead… Read more »

Protest Accountability: Time For Enforcement

Protests are back in the news, although they never really left. I have been writing about this issue for some time (here and here), but the problem has only exploded in the last five years with the economic implosion, and now sequestration and budgeting Armageddon possible on the horizon. A recent report from IBM’s CenterRead… Read more »

When Government Agencies Receive High Klout Scores, Does it Really Mean They Have More Clout?

IBM Center for the Business of Government recently issued a report that provides some very interesting social media insights for federal agencies: which agencies have the highest Klout rankings. If you are not familiar with Klout, it essentially measures your overall social media influence. For example, when you create content or engage through social networks,Read… Read more »