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Good Read: 5 Common Characteristics of Ideas That Spread

Originally posted on #GovLife. One of the things we hear about a lot when we talk about innovation is the rate of adoption. Whether or not an idea (no matter how amazing) succeeds is a huge risk, and it’s not just applicable to government. The characteristics listed in 5 Common Characteristics of Ideas That Spread,Read… Read more »

Fifth Annual SAVE Awards

Today, OMB launched the fifth annual SAVE Award (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) – a competition for Federal employees to submit their ideas for how to cut waste, save taxpayer dollars, and create a more efficient and effective government. Borne out of the President’s belief that the best ideas often come from those on theRead… Read more »

How Can Leaders Empower Employees to Develop Compelling Ideas? NextGen Recap from Brian Gryth

Still going strong on day two of the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Here’s a quick recap of the session, Stronger than All the Armies in the World, presented by Brian Gryth, Program Manager of Business Intelligence at the Colorado Department of State. The abstract reads: Victor Hugo said, “there is one thing strongerRead… Read more »

Community is the Center of Collaboration

Across disciplines and industries, customer and citizen insights are more closely woven into the production process for whatever it might be (software, laws, vehicles, you name it). The age of internal-only product development is over – customers can now bring their thoughts to bear on everything that a company does so that by the timeRead… Read more »

Job Losses and the Effect on Innovation

As the Canadian Public Service navigates through the recent job cuts as part of the 2012 budget, I’ve written about different skills that will help any public servant through cutbacks including survival tips for those who survive the job losses and a call to truly think if the public service is the right career forRead… Read more »

Pinterest for Government

Lately, there has been a site called Pinterest that has skyrocketed in popularity. The basic concept behind Pinterest is an online pinboard; a virtual space for sharing images from all over the web based on specific themes. It’s a way to discover new ideas and get inspired. People use it for home remodeling, wedding planning,Read… Read more »

The President’s SAVE Award Website is a Treasure Trove of Ideas and a Thermometer!

I’m surprised that more government employees aren’t discussing the President’s SAVE Awards website more. There are about 5,000 ideas posted so far, of which there are about 50 good, solid ideas. Most of the other entries are simply rants/vents from a frustrated workforce, or duplicatations of other similar ideas (e.g. telework, combine agencies, go paperless,Read… Read more »