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Newest OMB IdeaScale Effort on Government Reform

I am enjoying the ideas being generated to reform government at Those who are interested can submit their ideas by April 15 and let OMB know what they think about the scope and effectiveness of government programs, areas of overlap and duplication, unmet needs, and possible cost savings. Check it out, but vote forRead… Read more »

TEDxMidAtlantic: Disruptive IDEAS, Breath Taking MOMENTS and CHALLENGERS All Over the Place

On Friday at Sydney Hall it was all about ideas worth spreading. TED, the usually very exclusive (and expensive) premium event was coming to DC for not only affordable prices but also for an audience that is willing to make a difference. Now, you might wonder how does that differ from any of the otherRead… Read more »

Social Innovation Match Making, Washington DC Tuesday October 26

Sign up to the event here now! Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find the right person in government (or any other organization for that matter!) to help you make your idea a reality. Fix this, tweak that, wouldn’t it be good if… Well Social Innovation Match Making DC will help toRead… Read more »

A BIG small idea?

I love government. Mostly for the vast majority of public servants, who are bright, devoted, and highly creative in a difficult organizational structure. I also think – which won’t be surprising given the business that I am in – that fostering innovation in the public sector should be encouraged at every turn. I want publicRead… Read more »

GovLaunch – Launch of Federal Intranet Content Managers’ (FICM) IdeaScale Site

The Federal Intranet Content Managers are pleased to announce the launch of our new IdeaScale site. This is a request for all members to visit our IdeaScale site and suggest one topic idea related to intranets for future discussions. Also, please vote on the ideas that are currently there. This will help us move forwardRead… Read more »

GovReads! The Ten Laws of Enduring Success

While catching up on some reading, I came across an article that mentioned Maria Bartiromo’s latest book, “The 10 Laws of Enduring Success”. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Ms. Bartiromo is the host of CNBC’s Closing Bell. Considering that we are inundated with messages about the importance of success throughout life: school (highRead… Read more »

Contract Administration – Duties of the CO

Currently I am working on a project to complete an assessment on how well our Procurement Organization is doing in the area of Contract Administration. A simultaneous project is exploring the duties of the COTR. I would love to hear folks best practices and ideas of measuring the effectiveness of Contract Administration by the COs.