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The Benefits of Improv for Government Officials

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein (The genius professor was right, but perhaps someone should have bought him a comb.) In order to have effective governance skills, government officials must be able to listen organically, navigate change wisely and be flexible in creative problem solving. Listening is about really taking in whatRead… Read more »

The Importance of “Yes, And…” for Collaboration

We all know what improv is. It’s a form of acting where actors create scenes and characters on the spot, generally inspired by one word or a simple phrase. But how does improv relate to what you do every day at work? And what lessons can you learn from improv as a government employee? One ofRead… Read more »

Fight, Flight, or Play: Learning Conflict Resolution Skills Through Improv

It’s that time of year again! The next two days we’ll be blogging from GovLoop and YGL’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Follow along @NextGenGov and read more blog posts here. NextGen Interactive Workshop: Improve@Work Speaker John Windmueller Organizational Training Manager of Improv@Work Washington Improv Theater (WIT) “Improv skills are life skills” Smiles everywhere.Read… Read more »