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Don’t Be the Dunce, Become an Engaged Learner

In every teenage movie, there are those cool kids that sit in the back of class, texting each other and generally ignoring the teacher in the front of the room. Those cool kids are the exact opposite of an engaged learner. Engaged learners participate in the process. They listen; they don’t just hear. They activelyRead… Read more »

Can Innovation Labs Transform Public Sector Work Culture?

In case you missed it, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has brought a piece of Silicon Valley’s high-tech entrepreneurial spirit to Washington in the form of a new and exciting Innovation Lab. Since launching in March 2012, the Lab has been successfully utilized by employees from dozens of federal agencies ranging from NASARead… Read more »

Innovation Labs in Government? Silicon Valley Comes to Washington

Recently, there’s been some debate about creativity – or lack thereof – within the Government workforce. However, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is taking a new approach to fostering innovation. OPM has brought (or bought) a piece of Silicon Valley into its Washington, D.C.-based headquarters. The Washington Post reports that OPM has created anRead… Read more »

Build a Collaborative Web Instead of a Government Innovation Lab

A week or so ago, GovLoop started a discussion on what a government innovation lab would look like. Some great comments on how to build collaborative workspaces but I felt that the discussion missed the greater point of how to make government agencies more innovative. The major problem with innovation labs is that they mayRead… Read more »