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What Drives You?

[Note: cross-posted from] [Photo: my father Rick and my son Kohl, taken back in June 2008] At the last #w2p mixer (an unofficial social event in Ottawa for Government of Canada Web 2.0 Practitioners) a colleague asked me “What drives you?”. I replied that I cared in the movement in a general sense; thatRead… Read more »

King inspiration

As the EEO Officer for the NC Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources, I often work to promote diversity, foster mediation and coordinate discrmination cases, which can keep me busy since we have about 4,000 employees. Yet, this past weekend I was reminded in a powerful way to keep working with a skip in myRead… Read more »

Do you love your job?

I sent this link to my son, knowing he would enjoy it: Cactus Flight 1549 Accident Reconstruction (US Airways) “The NTSB released the public docket for Flight 1549 on June 9, 2009. The docket contains a wealth of information that can be utilized in a full 3D reconstruction of the accident. Our work goes deepRead… Read more »

LEADERSHIP LESSON: What’s standing in the way?

There has been a continuous debate going on about the value of a leader’s ability to inspire others. There is a leadership skill that brings out the best out in people — guiding the individual to find within himself or herself the gifts to contribute in new ways — gifts that resided within them allRead… Read more »


Early in my leadership career, women role models were few and far between. One woman who helped me truly understand my power as a leader is Frances Hesselbein, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Leader to Leader Institute, Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA . Initially,Read… Read more »

Collaboration Squared (Collaborating about Collaborating)

Last month I setup a wiki, using Wetpaint, to introduce my students to Web 2.0 tools. In thinking of a name, I came up with Collaboration Squared as I was asking them to “collaborate about collaborating.” It seems to me we could use some of the same, unless it’s happening somewhere on GovLoop and I’veRead… Read more »