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Inspiring Things to Read, Follow, Watch and Listen

Taking a step back to gain some perspective can lead to clearer thinking or better ideas and is essential to personal and professional development. The best way to gain some perspective is to pursue lots of different subjects that interest you. Check out where we get our inspiration.

Succeeding in Government Work: Lessons Learned from Leslie Knope

In case you missed it, NBC’s Parks and Recreation aired its final episode this year after seven seasons of inspirational and hilarious tales of city government workers in small-town America. Leslie Knope (as played by Amy Poehler) – my favorite character and one of my government heroes – is the Deputy Director of the ParksRead… Read more »

To Be Brave or Not to be Brave? Is it Even a Question?

That’s what Elizabeth Fischer Laurie, keynote speaker for Tuesday’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit, asked. As Attorney Advisor of the Department of Health and Human Services, Fischer Laurie addressed typical images that arise when we think of bravery. We often think of cops chasing after the bad guys or firefighters risking their lives to saveRead… Read more »