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The Consequences of a Government Shutdown Beyond American Borders

There is no doubt that the consequences of a potential federal government shutdown on October 1 could have significant economic consequences within the United States, as well as on federal workers who are furloughed during the shutdown. While true economic impacts are hard to quantify, the Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated in January 2014 thatRead… Read more »

U.S. Federal Hiring Practices 101

The mission statement of the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management is as follows: To recruit, retain, and honor a world-class workforce to serve the American people. It’s certainly an important and noble mandate. Yet with such a wide variation of jobs within the U.S. federal government, from professional to administrative to blue collar toRead… Read more »

7 Tips for Working Effectively with Government

Working for a publication that almost exclusively serves the public sector and its partners, I routinely deal with practitioners and leaders at all three levels of government. Previously, I worked for an organization that archives data for government research projects. Along the way, I’ve picked up several tips and tricks for working effectively with electedRead… Read more »

How Government Can Embrace the Sharing Economy

I recently attended the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) Annual Conference, at which the sharing economy was top of mind for many policymakers. While the sharing economy presents many opportunities, governments in Ontario and elsewhere have been slow to embrace it and adequately address the inevitable challenges. What is the sharing economy? Noah Zon, PracticeRead… Read more »

Hiring the Right Talent for Government Positions

In a recent article written for Public Sector Digest, Micki Callahan, Human Resources Director for the City and County of San Francisco cited a committed to public service as a key trait for prospective employees. She points out that the public sector cannot always rival the private sector in terms of monetary compensation and otherRead… Read more »

The Exit Interview: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

Attracting and retaining talent is a challenge for many public sector organizations, especially in light of an aging workforce and an upsurge of retirees. One effective method to uncover the reasons employees jump ship, be it to the private sector or elsewhere in the public sector, is the exit interview. What is an exit interview?Read… Read more »

How to Make the Most of a Government Conference

Conferences offer a unique experience to hear from experts, to network with colleagues in your industry, and to facilitate ongoing learning. However, you won’t make the most of the opportunity by simply showing up. Here are a few tested methods for ensuring you not only arrive, but thrive at your next conference. Make connections beforehandRead… Read more »

The Positives and Perils of the Unpaid Internship

As 2015 graduates enter the workforce this summer, let’s talk about a contentious topic: the unpaid internship. There are a myriad of opinions for and against unpaid internships, and there are compelling arguments for each position. While interns gain industry experience that could possibly result in fulltime employment, the unpaid aspect can seem exploitative. Indeed,Read… Read more »