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Innovation and Adaptibility in Organizational Culture

Have you ever heard of buzzword bingo? Where you and your co-workers make a bingo card of words or phrases like “touch base” and “data driven” and “Scalable” and “Proactive” and “Paradigm,” then head into a meeting and see who can hit a bingo? Well, it’s a real thing. I mention it because buzzword bingoRead… Read more »

“I’m Going to the Super Bowl Again!” Reaching Goals Through Teamwork

What is the key in achieving great things? I have been thinking about this since the Seahawks’ championship win against the Packers that has had everyone up here in the Pacific Northwest walking around in a glorious euphoria. In case you missed it here is a quote from QB Russell Wilson’s post game interview thatRead… Read more »

When Cutbacks Become Amputations: Trim the Fat, Not the Foot

The idea of cutbacks doesn’t have to be synonymous with layoffs, but when budget cuts are imminent it’s only logical that we start looking for redundancies in our staff. But consider what this means. Nobody takes it lightly when the axe man cometh, but when we eliminate staff we are making the declaration that theirRead… Read more »